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Happy Family Store – 24 Hour Provider of Medications

Firstly, we’re more than just an online outlet offering a range of prescriptions and supplements. We are a caring partner — our goal is to take the best care of you. Every client we serve is treated like family to us, thus, at Happy Family Store, you can count on friendly and attentive service along with qualified and objective advice and affordable pricing.

A top choice for any kind of customer

  • adult male and female patients;
  • babies and kids;
  • pregnant women;
  • palliative patients;
  • customers staying at specialized living and care facilities;
  • pets;
  • clients with physical disabilities who stay at home on a constant basis;
  • patients’ relatives;
  • caregivers, doctors, nurses, social workers, and other medical professionals;
  • hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, emergency centers;
  • customers staying at specialized living and care facilities;

Our over 25-year experience proves that Happy Family Pharmacy can efficiently collaborate with any kind of medical or caring facility or professional. We are a qualified, helpful, diligent, and reliable partner in terms of supplying drugs and medical tools, providing competent pharmacist consultations, and adjusting to personalized needs and demands of each and every patient. Hence, if you are searching for a trustworthy supplier of meds for yourself, your dear person, or patient, contact us to learn more about our services.

Safe and potent solutions at Happy Family Store

We are capable of supplying any kind of pharm product and fulfilling any health needs. You are welcome to approach us with any request. Be sure — if you cannot find some sort of a rare medication at any drugstore, we will get it for you. All-in-all, as of now, our assortment includes over 20 diversified categories, yet, we keep on extending it corresponding to changing needs of our clients. For you to have a clear vision of our vast specialization, let us mention some of the hottest categories:

  • blood pressure control;
  • cardiovascular health;
  • pain relief;
  • asthma meds;
  • hormones;
  • female and male sexual health;
  • weight-controlling pills;
  • immunostimulating dietary supplements;
  • veterinary products

A full pack of specialized pharmacy services

Our skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists are here for you 24/7 and always ready to:

A trusted supplier with a perfect record

Happy Family Pharmacy is basically an online marketplace specializing in prescriptions, OTC meds, food supplements, medical tools, personal hygiene products. Yet, we are also a licensed pharmacy, which means we provide the same level of quality and safety and obey the same rules as any physical outlet in your city. When ordering from our source, there is no need to worry about the authenticity or effectiveness of meds — we guarantee that all of them are scrupulously tested and supplied by proven manufacturers only.

It is a great honor for us to say that, as of today, our history constitutes more than 25 years of perfect service, stable operation, comprehensive care, and absolute trust on the side of our clients. Throughout this long way, we stayed on the guard of our customers’ health and were among the first to face and fight any appearing challenges in the sphere of public health. Our two most essential priorities are monitoring and studying our clients’ health needs and proposing optimal solutions to them.

Yet, despite such prominent experience, we are well aware of the need for continuous self-improvement. Thus, we consistently encourage every pharmacist or another member of our team to extend their expertise — we believe that helps them offer better care to you. Certainly, we welcome any career or professional ambitions of our staff and supply vast and flexible opportunities for their self-education. Since the very first day of our operation and until today, we are dedicated to delivering efficient and personalized pharmaceutical care and helping our customers achieve the best outcomes of their treatments and return to a fully-fledged and healthy life.

A proven partner for any healthcare facility or service

We are proud of our 25-year experience of serving as a partner for diversified medical institutions and providing the following range of functions:

As a result of such collaboration, our partners acknowledge that they notice significant improvements in terms of their residents’ and patients’ health outcomes and the optimization of the operation of their facilities.

An online pharmacy with long-term prospects and ambitions

We are not one of those businesses oriented at quick and easy profits. Instead, we plan to stay in this industry for long. Consequently, we give decent attention to investments in both our present and our future — namely, in the quality of care we deliver to you. In other words, we constantly invest money in educating our staff, updating and maintaining our storage and quality control equipment, extending our drug assortment and supplies, creating a comfortable and helpful digital platform for you — our clients.

If you want to become our client, please, contact us at number and tell us how we can help you. We are here for you to answer any questions and solve any problems 24/7.