At Happy Family Store, we consider shipping to be the most impactful aspect of our operation, which requires extreme diligence and scrupulousness.

Certainly, like most other online suppliers, we have to involve proven partners in the process — we mean postal and courier companies — and entrust them with a certain part of the work. Obviously, we cannot fully control that as these are independent businesses. But what we can control is our choice of partners. You can be sure we collaborate with companies of spotless record and reputation only and keep an eye on their work to ensure they treat our clients with due respect and attention.

Now, let us discuss our part of the work — Happy Family Store is responsible for accepting orders, processing them, packing items, and sending them out on time.

Sure, we strive to make all these procedures seamless for you — yet, in some cases, we are forced to bother you and specify certain details or ask you to provide a copy of your prescription. However, in most cases, especially with regular buyers, there is no need for that and we cope with everything ourselves. Then, we just send you a confirmation email with a tracking code.

Our delivery services are founded on the following 5 principles:

  • every order is processed and sent our promptly;
  • for packaging, we use ordinary envelopes, which do not attract unwanted attention (on the part of your neighbors or postman);
  • we do not specify any personal or vulnerable information on a package, except for your name and address;
  • every package must arrive in perfect condition;
  • every client must receive his order within the term specified.

Now, we offer you to choose between two shipping methods, based on the urgency of your order:

Standard airmailExpress courier delivery
$12.90      $30 (if the sum of your order is $200 or more, no fee is charged)
Shipping time
21 days (maximum)7–14 days
Shipping insurance
low cost available in all countriesone can choose the time of delivery

*Mind that the prices and terms published above may change slightly depending on your place of residence.

*Before placing an order, contact our pharmacist and ask which delivery method is available in your country.

*If your order is delayed, be sure to inform our support team about that. They will find out the reason and provide you with further recommendations.