Primary care solutions are a crucial component of our pharmacy delivery system. This category of products comprises meds for such common issues as cold, flu, indigestion, headaches, seasonal allergy, uncomplicated injuries, etc. In many cases, such situations do not require consultation with a doctor — luckily you can obtain a piece of advice online for free and at any time 24/7 — from our pharmacist. Be sure, if there is a need for an actual visit to a hospital, we will let you know.

Another aspect of primary care is controlling chronic diseases like hypertension, arthritis, heart diseases, etc. In this case, going through an examination at your doctor’s is a must — however, as soon as you’ve got a prescription, you can freely turn to us for further explanations on the regimen, interactions, side effects, etc. We will become your proven assistant in managing such conditions and keeping adverse symptoms under control. If you wish, we will even keep track of your treatment and remind you when it is time to refill your prescription so that you never run out of life-essential drugs.

Another decisive point — Happy Family Store delivers a full range of all prescriptions any member of your family might need. Do not doubt — we will propose an appropriate treatment for any common disease. Furthermore, we will make sure you get formulations ordered within the shortest time and at the most affordable price on the market.

Yet, how can we help you if you do not suffer from any serious or chronic issues? You are a lucky one then. However, we offer you to get acquainted with such groups of products:

  • painkillers, anti-fever pills, absorbents, antihistaminic drugs, antiseptics, and other items for first aid, which must be present at every home;
  • skincare formulations;
  • drugs against hair loss;
  • quit smoking compounds;
  • weight loss tablets;
  • dietary supplements for strengthening your health.

Also, you are welcome to contact our pharmacist and ask about any aspects of wellness or disease prophylaxis that are relevant for you.